After I became diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I decided to investigate further and dive into the root of the  problem. My research was intense and exhausting but helped me change my life forever.

After struggling with digestion issues and a problematic relationship with food, I had to make changes to my diet. I knew it had to be something significant. I discovered the Clean Eating Diet, AKA Paleo Diet. It saved me from a lifelong disaster of bad health and Nutrition.

Years later, I became a Certified Nutrition Therapist with a background and maintained my background in Marketing and Exercise Science. I developed programs to help shed post partum weight as well as developed healthy meal plans to reverse the autoimmune disease. Turns out, Having a hole in your esophagus can lead to many other health related issues down the road.

I am happy to have the experience and knowledge to educate women and men all over the world, who struggle with a poor diet and lack of exercise. I am able to inspire many people and have been blessed to change lives

Trust me, if you think you CANT do this, YOU CAN! Please check out my success stories for more inspiration! XOXO

Lacey Barcalow